Wednesday, December 7, 2011

End of Semester

French Tommy (FrT): What are you doing on this blog? We should be writing.
American Tommy (AmT): You don't give me time to blog, you don't give me time to work out, all we do is work. This sucks.
FrT: Papers don't write themselves and books don't read themselves.
AmT: And heavy things don't lift themselves: I'm going insane.
Florida Tommy (FLT): It's almost more paper and you can go to the gym this weekend.
AmT: For the first time in like two weeks! This crap isn't going to fly next semester, I know first semester in a PhD program is a hazing process but this has been silly, you guys need to figure out how to budget your time.
FLT: Fine.
FrT: Fine. Now write our paper.

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